Cretan Cuisine


Extra virgin olive oil, fresh colorful vegetables, nutritious wheat, protein-filled legumes, delicious fruit, local wine and intoxicating tsikoudia; no wonder why Cretans have the highest longevity rate in the whole world! After all, the Cretan diet is not only the most representative example of the world-famous Mediterranean cuisine, but mostly, a way of life.

During your visit to Crete, you will definitely fall in love with a variety of mouthwatering dishes, all accompanied and served with extra doses of authentic Cretan hospitality. Delicious and healthy, based in the locality and seasonality of the products, the traditional Cretan recipes are a feast for the eyes and a fiesta for your palate.  Here are the top local dishes you should definitely taste while in Crete!

The delicious snails or “hohlii” is one of the finest delicacies on the Cretan table. Also, do not miss the traditional “boureki” from Chania region, a special potato and zucchini pie with white cheese, as well as the delicious “antikristo”, the characteristic way of cooking lamb and goat. “Kalitsounia” is without doubt the tastiest delicacy of the Cretan cuisine. Filled with myzithra or anthotiro cheese and sprinkled with honey and cinnamon, you can enjoy them both for dessert or to accompany your raki or tsikoudia drink.

“Skioufihta makarounia” is another local dish you should not leave Crete without eating. Home-made pasta cooked with flour, water, salt and olive oil, is being “burnt” in hot local butter and gets sprinkled with grated Cretan cheese. The taste of this dish is indescribable!

Among the list with the top local dishes you should taste in Crete is also the local pie from Sfakia, with thin dough fried and filled with cheese. A masterpiece of simplicity!

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